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Welcome to Introwerk!

My name is Sanja and I started Introwerk project, because I am curious and passionate about a lot of different topics, which sometimes seems a bit too much and messy, but in my head it all combines really well and that is how this project came to life.


My (self)discovery journey started more than 10 years ago and since then I can say I learned a lot. Some of the most important topics in my life are Reiki, Yoga and Meditation and I acquired a great amount of deepen knowledge and experience in these topics as a:


  • Certified Access Bars Practitioner

  • Certified Usui Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher

  • Certified EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

  • Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher

Through the years I realised I resonate with different topics at different times. And all these practices have helped me a lot at different points in my life.


Introwerk is about giving back and help others find their way into feeling good.

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Access Bars are 32 points on the head  where our ideas, beliefs, emotions are stored. With lightly touching these points we can release old patterns and make room for new ideas. Book a full 60 min Access Bars session or a shorter version of 30 min.

Reiki is a complementary energetic exchange that originates from Japan. It is the energy that is all around us and when we remove blockages it can make us feel more relaxed, relieved, energetic, less anxious. Book the session in person or ONLINE. There are two options available, a 60 minute session or 30 minute session.


During the reiki session with Sanja I had a very profound experience that ended in a relaxed body and more balanced energy. 

Sanja was very kind and gentle and the session was very peaceful. I fully recommend Introwerk.


I tried both services of Reiki and Access Bar, even if I was sceptic at the beginning but during both treatments I was able to fully relax and gain the calm I was thinking was lost. Highly suggested for deal with this stressful period!


I went to Sanja's Reiki treatment and it changed something inside me. I felt grounded, calmed and connected to myself. Since then I can still feel my energy stores being replenished. I look forward to doing it again very soon. Many lovely greetings!

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