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What is Reiki?

The term Reiki comes from Japanese words “rei” and “ki”, which can be translated to a vital life force energy that flows through all living things. It is used to cleanse the body of all kinds of pain, anxiety and negative emotions. 
When the energy flow is good it is believed that we are full of health and vitality, we are filled with contentment, we feel balanced, relaxed. And when this flow is blocked, this can cause all kinds of health problems like burnout, stress, depression, fear, pain complaints like headache, neck, back, injuries or even relationships problems, financial troubles. 
Reiki can also be used in animals or even plants.


Full reiki session

60 minutes

Before the session, we will shortly discuss your expectations and I will explain to you how it works. 

This will follow by me performing Reiki, which happens by placing hands on different points of the body.

The session will end with a short revision.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them.

The session can also be done ONLINE.

book your session

Mini reiki session

30 minutes

For a quick energy pick up book this mini reiki session.
Distance/Online sessions have just the same benefits and effects as a session in person. You can choose this session from anywhere around the world. 


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them.

The session can also be done ONLINE.

About the session

Reiki energy is already in all of us. We only need to learn to guide this energy, to help us release the blockages  and to let the energy do its work and find it's natural flow. 
A lot of people these days are under a lot of stress, not taking enough time to connect with themselves, they are feeling out of their body, completely disconnected. 

In a Reiki session we try to connect the body and mind with this universal energy through the contact of hands, placing them in carefully chosen parts of the body,  creating a relaxing environment allowing the energy to find its way and remove all the blockages. 
Reiki can be considered for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level and for complaints such as:
anxiety, stressburnout, tension, lack of energy, sleeping problems, restlessness, different kinds of pain complaints (headache, muscle, neck, shoulder, back, ..)
Complaints should always be considered individually therefore it is always best to contact the practitioner to discuss what would be the best option for you. In case of serious illness, Reiki can be seen as a good complementary treatment.

Contact me and book a session that suits your needs.


I had a Reiki session with Sanja yesterday. She was amazing.

I heard what i need and

I'm thankful for that.

Let the healing begin.


Sanja = a person with whom you can feel peace and warm energy even from a distance. I felt this during my first reiki session, which took place at a distance of a couple of thousand kilometers, but nothing for it, because at times it seemed as if she was next to me and moving around my body.

Sanja, thank you for the warm embrace, the buzzing on the body and especially for supplying energy to the places where it was most needed and desired. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I had a Mini Distance Reiki Session with Sanja. During the thirty minute session, my body tingled and I relaxed more and more. In addition, I kept seeing a certain color.
After the session, Sanja provided me with a booklet with which I could assign the color to a specific chakra. I was finally able to see that my hormonal problems could be related to the imbalance of the third eye chakra.

Thanks to Sanja, I not only received the first step towards healing, but also the disclosure of the cause of my problems, which I can now continue to work on. Thank you thank you thank you.


During the reiki session with Sanja I had a very profound experience that ended in a relaxed body and more balanced energy. 

Sanja was very kind and gentle and the session was very peaceful. I fully recommend Introwerk.


After two tiring, gray and rainy day, Sanja offered me a Reiki session. It has been very relaxing and

I still feel very good.

I'm ready to face

another busy day.



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